While Autumn Lines is more than happy to extend our jewelry to consumers, where we really shine is in the B2B world.

We have built a team entirely made up of strong players. Whether it be a requirement for design & product development, client service - both online & offline, shipping & logistics, production & quality control - we have it covered. This focus allows us to work easily with our manufacturing partners to simply get things done at the ideal cost, time, and quality for each and every design and project for our clients.

All members of our B2B programs get exclusive benefits that's designed to make business simple, easy, and beneficial to all involved. Simply put, we understand exactly what it takes to get things done for both wholesale clients and dropship clients.

Read more on our B2B programs here.

To apply for the program, fill out the form here Create a Wholesale Account or just drop an email to [email protected] The partners of Autumn Lines will personally be in touch to discuss your application.