#ILoveNature: Be in Nature by Walking Outside
We at Autumn Lines believe that all people love nature, or at least are fond of certain aspects of nature (hence our hashtag, #ILoveNature). Unfortunately, we also believe that not nearly enough people get sufficient exposure to nature. Too many people spend too much of their time indoors, cutting their connection to the world outside.

Restoring that connection can be great for your physical and mental well-being. Thankfully, there are many simple and unobtrusive ways to work on that, and one easy way to spend time outdoors is to just go for a stroll. Here is some information and advice on how to be in nature by walking outside.

Why Walk?

woman walking on a beach

Walking is ridiculously and broadly great for your health. Regular rambles can do everything from burning fat to releasing serotonin and dopamine to preventing various diseases. Most of those health benefits are only possible because it takes you away from artificial light and into the sunlight, which encourages your body to produce Vitamin D. This brings us to one of the best benefits of walking outside: it can bring you closer to nature.

When you drive somewhere, you watch the world pass by from your window. Walking forces you to slow down, which gives you the chance to experience more of the natural world up close. You can smell the earth after rain, get a closer look at the flowers, and listen to the calls of birds. Even if you just make a casual jaunt through the park or your neighborhood, the beauty of the environment might be clearer than ever before.

Finding Time

Trees And Stars At Night

Perhaps you believe that you cannot commit much time to a long stroll. If this was your immediate thought, you should consider whether or not this is just an excuse you are giving to yourself. Just contemplating a change in your routine can make you feel weird, even if you believe it would be positive. Plus, you have other duties taking up your time. Between your job, housework, raising the kids, and other assorted responsibilities, you might feel like you have no free moments.

However, if you reflect a little longer and get a little creative, you might find quite a few opportunities hiding in your schedule. Take parking as an example. Instead of looking for a space that is close to your destination (your office, the supermarket, and so on), pick a spot near the back of the lot and walk the rest of the way. Similarly, you could use your fifteen-minute breaks at work to go outside instead of checking social media.

Even if those are the only times you spend outdoors all day, you would still be getting more exercise and sunlight than you are now. If you treat walking as a priority on the same level as work and housework, you will soon find yourself unable to go a day without doing it.

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