In 2019, it’s all been about natural carefree styles when it comes to jewelry’s hottest trends. We’ve seen the boho style come back in full force, dominating the industry with nature-inspired designs and more eclectic choices. Keep reading to check out our favorite spring 2019 jewelry trends.

Gold Is Out, Silver Is In

This year, one of the biggest trends in jewelry has been the move from gold to silver. Previously the ruling jewelry metal across the board, gold has begun to phase out both on runways and in every-day wear and is actually now being used as an accent to silver. 2019 is seeing a resurgence of silver in a variety of big ways, from being fierce edgy accessories to soft classy accents. When purchasing silver jewelry, be sure to look for hypoallergenic 925 sterling silver to assure you’re getting the best quality. 

Handmade Beaded Bracelets

One of the best ways to embrace the current trend of natural-looking pieces is through a handmade beaded bracelet. Beads can be made of a variety of natural materials, from wood to lava rock. Bracelets of this style also often come with a pendant accessory, usually in sterling silver (in tune with silver’s newfound trendiness). This jewelry style’s popularity is a direct product of the influx of boho carefree style designs. With handmade jewelry, you’ll always be getting unique artisan pieces, which is another major point of appeal for this trendy choice. 

Pearl Jewelry

Images of your grandmother’s antique jewelry may come to mind when you think of pearls, but that’s not what we’re talking about today. Pearls are back with reimagined styles that stray far away from the classic old-hat designs of yesteryear. Jewelry designs with pearls are widely varied, including delicate hoops and chunky statement pieces. An added benefit to pearls is the wide range of colors and shapes that they come in; uniquely shaped pearls are especially hot right now. Consider a mix of statement and a variety of shapes and colors with something like a black and white pearl drop pendant

Charm Bracelets

This nostalgic jewelry trend has come back with a modern twist. Charm bracelets are especially trendy right now because of their unique ability to make them your own. Everyone is being drawn to customizable pieces, and bracelets are no exception. When it comes to adding charms to a charm bracelet, the possibilities are endless. Every charm you add can have its own meaning, setting your jewelry piece apart from the rest. Consider starting with a bracelet that already has a few charms and build from there, keeping the theme cohesive to avoid tackiness.

Celestial Jewelry

The celestial trend in jewelry has been popping in and out of style for as long as we can remember, but it looks like it’s here to stay for 2019. With the overall trend of astrology and the stars gaining more and more popularity, everyone is obsessed with wearing the universe on their necks, ears, fingers, and wrists. Pieces generally include cutouts and charms of celestial bodies, especially moon and star motifs. Consider combining the otherworldly with the natural with an aromatherapy moon necklace made from sterling silver and brick clay. 

Floral Designs

Naturally, spring has sprung with the trend of floral jewelry. In accordance with the natural boho theme that has made its mark this season, floral jewelry is everywhere in all shapes and sizes. You can have your pieces be big statement blooming flowers or minimal and delicate boho sunflowers. Your piece’s aesthetics can even contain more abstract flowers or be more traditional and classic. Like much of these jewelry trends, the choice is up to you when it comes to styling and design. 

Autumn Lines loves to create sterling silver pieces with a fresh and modern take on nature and inspirational themes, lining up perfectly with this year’s hottest new jewelry trends. Check out our #ilovenature collection and see what we mean when we say that our designers have combined minimal, trendy, realistic, and whimsical styles.

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