We have been in the wholesale game much longer than the retail one.

Autumn Lines works with strong manufacturing partners, and we focus our time & energy on making the process easy and simple for our wholesale clients - whether it be for placing new orders & re-orders, working on designs projects, etc...We automate a lot of operations, and this current way of doing wholesale business
changes how we build our team. It prevents us from missing out on orders and keeps our customers from having to wait to place an order until we’re in the office. It just solves so many problems.

All members of our Wholesalers Exclusive Program enjoy:

  • Access to view our full collection
  • Access to view a wholesale pricing (serves as a guideline)
  • Time is money. With the login, it's an easy & convenient way to request for quotation and place orders.
  • Receive our ''not-so-often'' and "not-so-annoying" newsletters with new designs.

Apply for the program by filling out the form here - Create a Wholesale Account or just drop an email to [email protected]. The partners of Autumn Lines will personally be in touch to discuss your application.

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