Great Essential Oils for Being Outdoors
We recently discussed the beauty of walking outside and how you can use that activity to connect with nature. We also mentioned that you can use aromatherapy diffuser necklaces to keep up that treatment even while you are away from your home. What we did not write about just yet is which essential oils you should use. There are some that can enhance your activity and make the experience easier than ever. Here are some of our suggestions for great essential oils that you can use while outdoors.


Geranium Oil

The hatred of insects, or at least insect stings, is practically universal. It is also a major factor for why many people choose to spend as little time outdoors as possible, especially in warmer regions and hotter seasons. Luckily for us, certain smells can ward off these pests, and you can find a few essential oils that double as a repellant.

Citronella is popular as a scented candle for backyards, and the oil can fit in your necklace. Geranium can drive away mosquitos and horseflies as well (both oils contain the ingredient citronellol), but it can also do so much more. You can use it to treat insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Walking outside can also treat those issues, so walking with geranium oils can compound the positive effects of both.


Koala Bear In A Eucalyptus Tree

When you take a breather outside, you can carry a diffuser with oil that can help you breathe easier. Eucalyptus oil can clean the air, fight congestion, and prevent respiratory issues. It can also remove migraines, keep you cool, and even serve as a stimulant. The latter effect is especially great for people planning to be active outside: eucalyptus oil can energize your body with purely organic ingredients.

We should note that some people are allergic to eucalyptus. Pregnant people and people with epilepsy should also avoid using this oil. Be careful and avoid it if you sense any negative reactions from your body.



Rosemary is a special ingredient with many aromatherapy applications. Its qualities as a mental stimulant can help you pay greater attention to the world around you as you are outside. The oil can enhance your recollection ability, so you will be able to remember more details with greater clarity. Lastly, if you develop any cramps and aches while you are out there, rosemary oil can soothe your muscles.

As with eucalyptus oil, people who are expecting or epileptic should avoid this oil. Those with high blood pressure should also seek out an alternative.

These are only a few examples of how essential oils can make the great outdoors even greater. If you would like to experience the effects for yourself, you can find aromatherapy diffuser necklaces with Autumn Lines. Our #ILoveNature section is devoted to those who appreciate being outside. Find something that can help enhance your enjoyment of the natural world today.

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