12 Inspirational Designs with Personal Meaning

Jewelry are more than just a piece of fashion accessories. They symbolize our personality, lifestyle, and values. With some, we share a special bonding. But, with so many new designs evolving every day in the fashion world, how do you choose something that speaks a different language? 

How do you pick a design that makes you hold on to it surpassing the test of time? How do you pick something so meaningful to proudly pass on to your heirs? This article provides you with 12 custom made inspirational jewelry designs for you and your loved ones.

  1. The three mantras bracelet: (mantras)

The three mantras clubbed bracelet with quotes like “Be grateful”, “Life is beautiful”, and “You can do it” always reminds you of the positive attitude we should all have in life to achieve our dreams. We should always be grateful for everything that we have and for a beautiful life. And there is nothing we cannot do for we are capable of achieving everything we want.

  1. Wrapped gemstone earring (well-being)

Beautifully wrapped raw gemstones earrings are a perfect accessory for health and well-being. Gemstones help in keeping bad vibes away and attract positive energy thus keeping our mind and body healthy and free from worries. This light pair of earrings is suited for women of every age.

  1. The best is yet to come gold bracelet (belief)

The “best is yet to come” sleek gold bracelet for the ladies is a sheer reminder of the belief that time always has the best things in store for us. Life is full of ups and downs, and there is a silver lining in every cloud. It inspires the wearer to never give up on her dreams and keep working for the best things are always on her way.

  1. The “family tree” pendent (family)

The “family tree” pendant is a perfect gift choice for your loved ones. The family is the most important thing in a person’s life for it stays with us through thick and thin. Even when the whole world is against us, our family stays put. We are nothing without our family for they are the prime source of our happiness and motivation.

  1. Shattered glass pendent (brave)

A shattered glass pendent to always remind us of our achievements derived through hard work. There is nothing we cannot achieve, and we should be brave enough to break the boundaries and thrive. Especially for the ladies who are always discouraged to pursue their dreams.

  1. “You are my sunshine” pendant (love)

 “You are my sunshine” pendant can be a perfect gift choice for all the lovebirds. You are lucky if you have found the true love of your life in this world of make-believes. Get your lover a beautiful silver “you are my sunshine” pendent and tell them how much they mean to you. It will always remind them of your love even when they are miles away.

  1. “You are your only limit” silver bracelet (free)

Sleek silver bracelet engraved with “You are your only limit” to remind you that everyone in this world is a free soul and so are you. No one can stop us except us. A perfect accessory for all the ladies to remind them that they are not anyone’s property to be controlled or tamed. You are free to work for the goals you want to achieve in your life. 

The gents could pick this as a gift for the important ladies of their lives to encourage them to fly high in the sky.

  1. Bracelet with all the words (balance)

The bracelet designed with all the important words you need like Family, love, friends, work, travel, money, healthy, peace, happy, awesome, free, independent, laughter and more is an inspirational jewelry design, which reminds one to try to have a perfect balance in life. A perfect balance is important to lead a happy and healthy life.

  1. “Nothing changes if nothing changes” adjustable ring (change)

The adjustable silver ring engraved with “nothing changes if nothing changes” is a perfect reminder that change is an indispensable part of our life. We often hold on to old things or people and refuse to get over them because they are close to our hearts. But in this process, we end up hurting ourselves and don’t move on. 

But little do we know that giving them up can sometimes be the best decision of our life. It is important to change our attitude sometimes to see the prettier picture. After all, nothing changes if nothing changes.

  1. “Be you” silk wrapped bracelet (beautiful)

A colorful silk wrap tied to a metal piece saying “Be you” is a stronger reminder of the fact that everyone is beautiful in his/her or her own way. Beauty is much more than just appearance and it is a pure heart that makes someone beautiful. For all the ladies out there, do not let anyone define your beauty.

  1. Silver “kaleidoscope” pendent (imagination)

This intricate kaleidoscope pendant is perfect for every gender. Just like a kaleidoscope, which shows us different colorful patterns, it inspires us to open our minds for new imaginations. A person’s mind is a storehouse of amazing ideas. He needs to keep his mind open to explore the ideas. This pendent will always inspire one to think out of the box.

  1. The three keys chain (wise)

The three keys chain inspires one to be an opener of doors just like keys. They have been used as a metaphor to denote that we should all try to keep our thoughts open and free to be able to find a solution for every problem. Only a person with an open mind can be wise for he always learns new things in this process. A person who keeps hid mind closed never gains any wisdom.

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