Layer Necklaces for a Stylish Statement

Today, jewelry is not merely about ethnic gold or platinum designs; it is about layering, wearing stars, moons, etcetera for a unique style.

Layering necklaces, a timeless trend, is a fun way for those who desire to stay in pace with the trend. There are a few things to know about this style for the ultimate effect.

This trend can be in different lengths & sizes and can best fit any dress or occasion. However, pairing different necklaces can be intimidating even for a fashionista, let alone the first-timers.

Here are some tips to pull it off.

Tips to Layer Necklaces for an Elegant Look

Combine Different Styles

Don’t be afraid to mix up chunkier chains with your plain & simple necklaces. Combining differently shaped necklaces can give you a chic and stylish look. For instance, you can combine sterling silver necklace with a black choker or 20” geometric pendant with 14” pearl necklace. 

Some of the necklaces that you can mix & match includes: Tassel chain, Hemp chain, Pearl chains, Diamond chains, Choker necklaces, Bib chains, etc. 

Besides giving the super cute look, layering necklaces by combining different styles can considerably reduce the intermingling of the chains.

Chain Length Combination

Another simple layering approach is to combine chains of varying lengths. Choosing necklaces with three different sizes (short, medium & long) can give you the best outlook. Necklaces of short, medium and long can help you achieve the cascade effect making every piece of layered necklace retain its own unique look. 

For example, vary the length of the necklace by shortest of (14” to 16") and longest (33 “ to 36”). However, if you have favorites of the same length that you wouldn’t want to give a miss, then you can add extenders to one among them and add it to the layer.

Layer Differently Shaped Necklaces

By combining different shaped necklaces, you can create intrigue. Consider layering necklaces of shapes such as disc, horizontal bar, vertical bar, lariat chains, etc. 

For instance, layer a horizontal bar necklace (approximately 14”-16”) in between two other necklaces. A horizontal bar necklace when placed in between can serve as a dividing point between chains that remain closer to the neckline and the ones that fall close to the chest. 

However, while combining the necklace consider where each shape falls on your body. For example, the choker chain makes a simple chain, whereas princess length (16”-18”) is a great horizontal bar necklace.

Combine Different Weighted Necklaces & Metal Colors

This is another proven method of layering necklaces. Similar to mixing lengths, simply mix up your favorite necklaces of different weights. 

For instance, you can combine necklaces made up of cable, bead, rolo, and so on. However, ensure to balance the weight between the lightweight and heavy pendant chains.

In addition, you can mix & match chains of different textures and metal colors. Yes, you read that right! Combining metals with different colors is a growing trend. 

The added benefit of combining chains with varying texture and weight is that it stays in place and also eliminates tangles and gives you the smooth look. 

How to Keep Necklaces Tangle-Free

Love layering necklaces? Great! However, mixing necklaces and wearing them all day can cause tangles. There is a solution: the layered necklace detangler, that helps you keep layered necklaces tangle-free.

So, what is a layered necklace detangler?

Simply said, the layered necklace detangler (also known as a necklace spacer) is a clasp that holds onto 2-4 necklaces effortlessly at a time. It keeps all necklaces clasp all together in one spot and keeps the necklaces from tangling when worn. 

Another advantage of layered necklace detangler is that you can remove 2-4 at a time, without having to take them off one by one. 

How does the detangler work?

The necklace detangler consists of two components. The two components slide into each other and remain fastened around the neck. 

One side of the detangler includes rings where you can attach the necklaces onto. The second side consists of spring clasps that clasp onto the other end of the necklaces. 

All you have to do is simply attach the chains onto the detangler, slide it open, wear it and slide it to close. Simple right?

Note that, if the necklaces cannot be layered without the necklace spacer, then they cannot be layered with the help of detangler as well. 

Simple Ways to Undo Knots in Layered Necklaces

Despite taking enough care, the necklace might tangle when placed in the handbag or simply when hung around the neck. Untangling or removing knots in necklaces can be a never-ending and painful task. Thanks to these tried and tested tips that let you remove knots in necklaces at ease.

  • Baby Oil - One best option is to apply baby oil to the knots or tangles using a cotton swab. The baby oil will make the chains slippery, thereby enabling them to undo the knot easily when the chains are pulled carefully. However, if the knot is still tight, simply massage the knot until it loosens. Once the knot is removed, use mild soap and rinse the baby oil off the necklace
  • Thin Pins - Another option is to slowly insert a straight pin into the center of the knot. Next, carefully pull the pin, thereby the knot to separate the chains. While simple knots can be easily removed, complex knots would require you to work in a few ways to loosen up the knots. Be careful when using this approach as a catch to any openings in the necklace can risk breaking it.
  • Baby Powder - Although not as popular as the other two approaches, sprinkling baby powder on the knot can work wonders. The power will act as a lubricant, thereby making it easier for you to pull the chains apart. Use mild soap and rinse the chain once the knots are removed. 

Key Takeaways

Why limit yourself to one chain or necklace? Mix & match different necklaces and create a distinct look among your friends. Autumn Lines has a fantastic collection of necklaces in different lengths with many different style pendants. We have something no matter your interest and style.

Ensure that the neckline of the tee or top and piece of jewelry go together. Necklines with deep square, U and V-shaped can create a special look. Also, avoid pairing layered necklaces with clothes including additional embellishments.

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