Treasure Entrepreneur: How to Start a Business Selling Jewelry Online

Have you decided to tackle some of the latest jewelry trends by creating your own jewelry? Do you know an aspiring jewelry artist that needs help promoting and selling pieces? Whether it’s aromatherapy necklaces or scent-free silver rings, it’s a great time to create or find and sell jewelry. 

How do you get started with a jewelry business? What’s the best way to promote and deliver your jewelry efficiently and cost-effectively? Building a jewelry business takes some work, but we have the scoop to help you find silver or sparkly success!

Keep reading to learn how to build a business selling jewelry online. 

What’s Your Style?

The first step to setting up a jewelry shop is deciding on your style of jewelry. 

  • Is something missing from the marketplace? Maybe your pieces can fill a niche where you find a lack of the kind of jewelry you love.
  • Are you already known for making unique jewelry pieces on a small scale? It’s time to grow your business and get your pieces out to a broader market.

Your style of jewelry is critical to developing your brand. You want people to see your pieces and know they are yours, or they came from your store. When you find unique styles of jewelry that haven’t hit the market yet, it’s your opportunity for people to identify you as ”the” distributor of the pieces you found. 

You don’t have to create jewelry to sell it online and have a profitable business. If you’re a curator of sought-after pieces, you can set up a jewelry shop to sell your finds or feature exclusive jewelry artists. 

No matter your approach, define your style and make a plan that fits your jewelry creations or the pieces you find and want to sell in an online marketplace. 

Brand Yourself

Whether your pieces are your own or you resell other memorable jewelry pieces, your shop needs a brand. Your brand is more than a logo or a tag line. Building a brand is about you and your mission. 

What do you hope to accomplish with your jewelry business? Your mission doesn’t have to be a soul-searching plan to save the world with jewelry, but you should spend some time thinking about your goals, your style of jewelry, and what you hope to achieve by selling jewelry.

Even if you plan it as a fun side, your jewelry business needs a brand that defines your pieces. Once you have some meaning for your business, choose a name for your business, then develop a logo and aesthetic business style that showcases your jewelry pieces and store. 

Create a Website

How will the world see your jewelry offerings? You need a website. However, you don’t have to be a website designer or programmer to develop a website that brings shoppers to your store. 

You already have your branding and logo. Now you need a website that showcases your style and your jewelry for sale, but you need the right kind of site is critical for success. 

Set yourself up with an eCommerce website that showcases individual jewelry pieces and gives you space to build a brand for yourself that attracts customers. Make sure your website makes it easy for visitors to shop and complete a transaction. Few things will hurt your business more than a website that’s hard to use!

If your specialty is creating jewelry, don’t worry about the website technology. Get help from an eCommerce website builder like 3Dcart. You create or find the jewelry while the eCommerce professionals set you up for online success.

Market Your Jewelry!

A few visitors might stumble onto your well-designed jewelry website. Still, without an intentional marketing effort, you won’t see the traffic you need to make money with your business successfully.

Use paid online advertising, social media, and content marketing to attract and drive traffic to your website. Ask customers to provide photos and reviews. Getting the word out about your jewelry shop takes some work, but with a quality product and well-designed website, if you can find the visitors, word of mouth will boost your marketing efforts. 

Find a Dropship Partner

What else can hurt the success of your online jewelry business? A lack of inventory and unreliable shipping. 

If your customers don’t get their products quickly and accurately, your business will suffer. You can sell gorgeous jewelry at a price people love, but if you don’t master the supply and shipping game, you’ll lose customers.

dropship partner, like Autumn Lines, helps you get your jewelry designs to happy customers right away. You list your jewelry products on your eCommerce website. Customers shop there and complete their purchase through your online store. 

The order then goes to your dropship partner to fulfill it. Your dropshipper stores your available inventory and ships on-demand as orders come in. You don’t have to find room to store your jewelry find or creations when you partner with a dropshipper! 

Using dropshipping allows you to focus on the business of growing your business and creating or finding jewelry to add to your catalog. Your dropship partner ships cost-effectively and efficiently, making it a seamless process for your customers to order and receive their items. 

Selling Jewelry is Simple With the Right Partners

Selling jewelry is simple when you choose the right partners to build your eCommerce website and ship your pieces to customers. A dropship partner makes it easy to scale up your inventory as your business grows.

Autumn Lines has everything you need to deliver your jewelry finds or creations to your customers. We have more than 20 years of experience in creating, selling, and shipping jewelry. Our dropship program helps new or established jewelry businesses grow!

Are you ready to launch or grow your jewelry business? Contact us to find out how to set up a reliable dropshipping partnership with us! 

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